Some proposals relating with the Apple Pencil

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I tried to get the entire proposal published in an official Apple forum, but somewhat failed. I succeed to put the main idea in two forums and to the feedback form with a link to this page. I hope that people could contribute my ideas in order to get them at least some level actualized. (The content is in Finnish in the relating blog page).  

In fact this is not a question but a proposal. I made this proposal in Finnish by phone. I just let my proposal to this forum in order that other people would know my idea.

When I used iPad 9,7 & Apple Pencil I found two issues, which could be improved.

1) The pencil is a little bit noisy. My wife commanded me to another room working, because she didn’t like the noise, which the pencil caused.

2) The pencil is a little bit slippery.

These could be fixed by adding to the tip of the pen some soft leather.

I tested by putting around the tip some soft leather. It reduced noise and the contact between the tip of the pen and the glass became better. If you add some material to the tip, the tip becomes thicker, which might be uncomfortable.

It would be nice, if Apple could build several kinds of tips for Apple Pencil.

I proposed three different tips.

1) Normal tip, which is used today

2) Silent tip, which has soft material on the tip.

That could be used in situations, where is necessary to prevent noise. For example if you work in a night buss or if you work in the night on bed and you companion is in sleep, you would need Silent tip.

3) Art tip. Art tip is something between the Normal tip and Silent tip.

Some thin material (about 0,2 mm) on the tip would create optimal friction between the glass surface of the tablet and the pen.

Unfortunately the optimal friction for creating art does not mean the maximum silence.

I have made for my existing tablet Art tip and Silent tip pens and I just know that this is the fact.

If fact Apple could create tip set for digital artists, which I proposed.

But creating digital art, there is one issue left – you hand. Even if iPad doesn’t need a tablet glove,a tablet glove would be useful.

Lets imagine that you want to create a continuous curvy line from the bottom left – middle top – bottom right, you just can’t do it without a glove. You meet that kind of situation for example in situation, where you want to create  the basic shape of a mountain group.  In principle you would like to create large spiral with one stroke.

With glove you could slide both the pen and and your hand on the surface of the tablet, when you could do those long strokes.

It would be optimal, if the friction of the tip of the pen and the friction of the bottom side of the glove would be the same. The glove needs a friction, which is not too slipper in order to draw without moving your hand but enough slipper in order to glide your hand on the surface of the tablet. I have tested the idea when I solved crosswords. When I wanted to go into another place of the crossword I didn’t lift my hand from the surface of the tablet but just I glide my hand to another place.


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